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Our Services

Who needs a new design, has  lot of choices!
With us you will find new ideas and take advantages from our long years’ experience of many successful finished jobs

Who needs a re-engineering, has not much choice!
If you have only the designs, no matter whether from 2D hydraulic plans, or from defected freeform components, with open or closed architectures, we realize them for you and you take advantages from our long years’ experience of many successful finished jobs

©,  the sealing system
Who has oil leaks at the rotating equipment, has only one choice!
The system must be updated with suitable seals.
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  • Company

    We are an innovative family owned company, situated in Bruchsal Baden Württemberg, dedicated as partner to our customers from different industrial branches. Since many years we are specialized in CAD 3D design for freeform parts, particular designing highly complex hydrodynamic components as inducer, impellers, diffusers and volute housings

    The scope of service of our company CBSG 3D freiform GmbH covers the engineering, re-engineering and a own innovative, patented non-contact bearing seal system, which is considered as a leading sealing system for special application.

    Features of our products:

    • quality
    • security
    • durability
    • reliability
    • adaptability
    • functionality
    • environmental

    Company Profile

  • History

    1999           Founding of the company CBSG e.K.                                       in Styrumstr.  Bruchsal in Baden                                             Württemberg, Germany

    2002           Moving into our own office building                                      No. 9,  Talstr ,  Bruchsal in Baden                                           Württemberg,  Germany

    2009           10 years` anniversary

    2010           Founding of the company CBSG 3D freiform                            GmbH

    2013           Patenting of our non-contacting labyrinth                             seal at the German Patent &  Trademark                                Bureau

    2014           issued Trademark dimiSim© for our non                                contacting labyrinth seal


  • Location

    Our company is located in the city Bruchsal

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